Clavicle Support with Massage Ball

The StabilityAce Back Posture Brace includes Massage Ball (deflated for shipping purposes) and Straps with Padded Foam Construction for comfort around Shoulders and Movable D-rings for Proper Adjustment.  Both Men and Women can enjoy this product by choosing one of Four Sizes in beige or black color. Measure the circumference around your upper chest near underarms and use the following sizing instructions: Small 28-32″, Medium measures 32.5-36.5″, Large 37-42.5″, X-Large 43-48″. Wear it over your shirt or under but remember it’s thicker for a reason and can be visible depending on the clothing.  First time use may require someone’s assistance but gets easier after more familiar with product. At first, wear it loosely to allow underarms to get used to the pressure as it can feel uncomfortable initially and then tighten each day. This high-quality Clavicle Posture Support Brace is ideal for fractures, sprains, collarbone pain, shoulder instability, and fibromyalgia as it’s made with a “backpack” style construction that gently pulls the shoulders back to align and stabilize a clavicle fracture or provide postural support.

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