How to Hold Your Cell Phone with Good Posture


The way you view and hold your smartphone is very important to your posture and health. The typical way users choose to view their smartphones has been referred to as the “smartphone slump” or “text neck”. Viewing your phone incorrectly can contribute to neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain and tension headaches.

Many users hold their phones at chest height and tilt their heads forward and down to view the screen. On average, a smartphone user will spend 2 to 4 hours with their neck in this position. This puts tremendous pressure on the back of the neck. If you are viewing this article while looking down, it’s likely that your head is leaning forward and your shoulders are rounded with your back slumped.

According to research by Dr. Kenneth Hansraj, chief of spine surgery at New York Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine, tilting your head at a 60 degree angle puts 60lbs of pressure on your cervical spine. To put things into perspective, adding 60lbs of pressure to your cervical spine is the equivalent to the weight of the average 7 year old. The cervical spine is the portion of the spine above the shoulders and it houses the spinal cord that sends messages throughout the body. Dr. Hansraj’s research concluded that a 15 degree angle equals 27lbs of pressure, a 30 degree angle equals 40lbs of pressure, a 45 degree angle equals 49lbs of pressure and a 60 degree angle equals 60lbs of pressure on the cervical spine.

Are you experiencing neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain or tension headaches? It could be from the way you view your smartphone. The correct way to hold your smartphone is by holding your phone high enough that your head is not slouched forward or too high. If your body feels achy or uncomfortable after prolonged use, you need to change your position and focus on better posture.

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